Table 7 began as a collaborative effort to feed and entertain our lively and diverse group of friends and family, mostly in cramped spaces with limited resources, lots of love, and plenty of laughter. After being asked repeatedly (read: expected) to provide food and drinks for these get-togethers, small and not-so-small, and realizing that doing so was far more challenging and rewarding than our day jobs; we decided to do what everyone else of our generation is doing: quit our jobs and take on massive debt and risk by working for ourselves with no health care benefits. Just kidding! We aren’t that irresponsible. We still have our day jobs and benefits. But, what once started out as a shared passion for food and entertaining, is now a growing labor of love. We've enjoyed every step on this journey and look forward to creating more memories; for us and for you! Click on the selections below to see how we can help create a beautifully tailored experience for you and your guests based on our international comfort food philosophy.

The 'Gram

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I have to admit that the creativity behind Table 7’s food selection is quite refreshing and tasty! Every time that I’ve been to an event catered by Table 7, I am always amazed by their sheer level of creativity with food. They also keep it healthy with their food selections too!
— Kevin M
Our advice to others is to trust Table7 with their suggestions; they really know what they are doing…dishes suggested by Doris & Yvette were devoured and raved about.
— Anisah & Michelle
You know your event was a success when your guests tell you how much they enjoyed dinner and dessert.
— Claudia Lewis
What makes Table7’s services unique is their inspired creativity… which keeps the culinary ideas fresh and never dull or boring. There is also a personal element to their services; they make their clients feel relaxed and comfortable, while keeping them excited about what’s to come.
— Angelika Beener-Glasper
The prices were very reasonable and they were able to accommodate our needs on very short notice, including dropping off at the locations. I would definitely recommend Table 7 to others and use them again for any future needs.
— Nick Rekas
Table7 works with the customer to find just the right menu…to ensure that the food fits the overall mood and color of the event, such that the menu enhances rather than sits apart from, the occasion.
— Mandy Kelso